Airport Tour Procedures

Customer Requirements

  • The customer needs to write a letter to the Director of the Julius Nyerere International Airport requesting permission to tour the airport.
  • The customer needs to specify the number of visitors on the tour, the date of the intended tour, and the main purpose of the tour, i.e. what students need to learn during the tour.
  • Once approval is granted, each participant on the tour will need to pay TZS 5,000. Exemption is granted for two (2) teachers or supervisors.
  • Customers who wish to tour an airplane must request for a specific airline for permission to be granted.

The Tour Guide Will Do the Following:

  • Provide a history of the Julius Nyerere International Airport
  • Guide visitors through:
    • The process of a typical departing or arriving passenger through the Terminal Building (the time of day will dictate whether or not this part of the tour will be possible)
    • The roles of Immigration and Customs stations at the Airport.
    • Security Checkpoints and the role of the Security Officers
    • Public Safety and Security 
    • Airline Ticket Counters and the role of the airline Customer Service Representatives
    • The Airport Fire Department to observe firefighting apparatus, and learn about the role the firefighters in daily operations at the airport and during emergencies (If requested)
  • The Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) – this is not typically included in airport tours.


  • Airports are noisy. If you or anyone in your group has a hearing or any other health problem that may be exacerbated by noise, they are discouraged from attending the tour. If they wish to attend the tour, they are advised to have hearing protection but this will not be provided by the airport.
  • Airport Tours are weather-dependent. Scheduled tours may be cancelled at any time based on current conditions.


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