Airport Tours

Participant Rules and Requirements

Airports are an exciting and dynamic environment; however certain dangers do exist as it is in any other workplace environment. Dangers such as moving equipment, aircraft, tools, etc are ever-present in the airport environment.

The Julius Nyerere International Airport is more than happy to provide tours to the public, upon request, with the understanding that the following safety precautions will be strictly enforced and adhered to at all times. At any time during the tour of the airport facilities, airport representatives may discontinue the tour should any participant within the group disregard the following precautions, rules or direct instructions.

Rules and Safety Precautions: 

  1. Tours are available to students and to any group interested in knowing more about the Julius Nyerere International Airport. 
  2. Tours are tailored to each age group and are given on Monday through Friday, between the hours of 09:00 a.m. and 11.00 p.m. Special times may be arranged depending on the availability of airport staff. 
  3.  Tours last approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending upon student/group interests and questions. 
  4. Students are expected to be quiet, stay close together in a group, and promptly follow the instructions of the Tour Guide. 
  5. The Julius Nyerere International Airport is accessible to the physically disabled, but please call us if you need any special arrangements.
  6. Groups must stay together at all times. For large group tours, individuals may be separated into smaller groups to accommodate certain tour elements. While in groups, participants are required to stay together; Parents/Guardians should not allow children / other participants to wander off.  
  7. Participants are not to touch any piece of equipment, tool or any other item while on the tour unless specifically authorized by the tour guide. Many pieces of equipment or tools can cause severe injury, or even death, if not handled appropriately. 
  8. Participants should remain attentive to the tour guide. It is understandable that smaller children may become distracted, at which time the parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring that smaller children do not become a distraction for other participants in the group.
  9. Prohibited items during any airport tour include: Weapons (knives, guns, etc), regardless of any permit the participant may have, and any item prohibited by Security Operating Procedures.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question while on tour. We hope you enjoy the tour and keep safety in mind at all times. 

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